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We cover just about every sporting occasion worldwide, irrespective of season. Our high quality bespoke packages are designed to entertain and also to promote the development of profitable business relationships. The requirements of every hospitality package are different, the expectations of every client unique. We like to take time to understand your requirements thoroughly so that we exceed your expectations, first time and every time. We therefore encourage you to share your vision of a successful event with us, to which we can add advice based on our experience and ideas you may not have considered, to enhance your day.

We divide what we do broadly into two areas: Corporate Affairs and Niche Experiences, designed to appeal to different audiences and achieve slightly different effects, but please donít feel you have to stick rigidly to any programme. We offer a single point of contact to minimise your administration burden for tickets, travel and transfers, accommodation and pre and post entertainment.

Iconic Occasions - offers five star travel upgrade, which elevates any bespoke package from the exceptional to the truly unique. There is nothing that we cannot do in the area of corporate entertainment and we welcome the opportunity to break new ground or revisit old favourites, whichever is best for you.

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Please contact us for further information on these events or any that are not listed.

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