Jeremy Charles Hospitality: Adrenalin

A white knuckle experience

Jeremy Charles Hospitality: Adrenalin

Jump from 10,000ft

Jeremy Charles Hospitality: Adrenalin

Race your team round the track

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Adrenalin Surge Activities

  • The Perfect gift for anybody who wants the ultimate thrill - Jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft - absolutely amazing

  • Experience the rush of freefall without having to get in an aeroplane with indoor skydiving

  • For the ultimate buzz try this crazy wacky way of getting down a hill! - Surrounded by water floating inside a ball, two of you are secured into a big see-through plastic ball and then sent rolling down a hillside

  • Do you think your stomach can take it! 25 Minute Ultimate Aerobatic Flight in an Aerobatic Competition Aircraft, CAP10 or Pitts Special

  • Zapcats! Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic - These little powerboats are versatile and feisty and, with a power to weight ratio of 340bhp per ton, puts Zapcats firmly in super car territory

  • An unforgettable white knuckle experience riding through thunderous noise and churning white water rapids

  • Experience for yourself why people rave about a Lotus Elise - this super lightweight British Sports Car

  • A great opportunity to get a taster of what its like to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari

  • Its military fun all the wayA full day driving tanks and army vehicles - plus military experiences too

  • Have you got what it takes to be part of the elite SAS fighting force? Say goodbye to all those home comforts and get ready to toughen up as you join a group with only survival in mind. Led by ex-SAS you will get to grips with living off the land, making shelters and using survival aids. Great for team building

Take your pick from this selection of great adrenalin-powered activities

Please contact us for further information on these events or any that are not listed.