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Zap Cats

Jeremy Charles Hospitality: Adrenalin

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Zap Cats - Adrenalin Fuelled Ride!

Zapcats originate from South Africa where since the early 80ís local crews have raced inflatable boats down treacherous rivers and along rugged coastlines. Developed from life saving surf rescue craft for racing and leisure, Zapcats are designed to cope with a huge variety of sea conditions from flat calm lakes to large breaking surf. The boats are inflatable catamarans with 50hp engines that reach up to 50mph on the water, but are inherently safe through having propellers in purpose designed and built propeller guards.

These little powerboats are versatile and feisty and with a power to weight ratio of 340bhp per ton puts Zapcat firmly in super car territory. Zapcats will take your staff, customers and suppliers for an amazing high power adrenalin fuelled ride. This corporate day on a Zapcat will surpass all others!

  • You will pull 2-3 G turns that will have you screaming for more, hang on tight as you hit a wave and fly!
  • You will be co-piloting one of the most agile boats on the water and hitting turns at 40 mph!
  • We know you will love it and at the end of the day will have huge smiles!

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