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Jeremy Charles Hospitality: Terms of Business

1. SCOPE: These terms shall apply to all bookings or arrangements made between the Client and Jeremy Charles Corporate Hospitality Limited (the Company) in respect of hospitality and/or services at sporting events, concerts, theatre performances or other recreational or entertainment activities.

2. BOOKINGS: (a) Payment of a deposit: When booking an event, the Client will be required to pay a non-returnable deposit, which will be 30% of the price unless otherwise stated. The Client will be deemed to have accepted liability to pay such a deposit once a booking, howsoever made, is confirmed by the Client, and even though in normal circumstances an invoice for this deposit would not be issued by the Company until a later date. (b) Payment of the balance of the price: Payment of the balance of the price is due not less than 28 days before the date of the event. Tickets, etc., will not be issued to the Client until the balance has been received by the Company. If the balance of the price is not paid on time, then the Company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled, in which case the deposit paid will be forfeited, and the Client may in addition be liable for the payment of cancellation charges as set out in 3(a) below. (c) Prices: Prices are given in good faith, and believed to be correct at the time invoices are issued. The Company reserves the right to pass on to the Client any cost increases subsequently imposed by third parties, or by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

3. CANCELLATIONS: (a) Cancellation by the Client: If the Client cancels a booking, then the Client shall be liable to pay the required deposit, or, if the deposit has been paid, the deposit will be forfeited. In addition, if the date of cancellation is; more than 28 days and less than 56 days before the date of the event, a further sum equivalent to 20% of the price shall be immediately payable by the Client; Within 28 days of the date of the event, the full balance of the price shall be immediately payable by the Client. Under this clause, the following expressions shall have these meanings assigned to them; “the date of cancellation” shall mean the date upon which notification in writing of the cancellation of the booking is received by the Company: “The date of the event” shall mean the intended date of the event, or the intended commencement date thereof in the case of an event which is intended to last for more than one day. (b) Cancellation by the Company: The Company will not cancel a booking unless forced to do so by circumstances beyond the Company’s control, or unless a sum due from the Client to the Company has not been paid by the date herein provided for.

4. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Where a sum due to the Company in accordance with these Terms is not paid by the date herein provided for, the Company shall have the right to charge interest at the rate of 3% per annum above National Westminster Bank Plc’s base rate from time to time on the sum due.

5. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY: The Company gives no guarantee whatsoever that the event shall take place. (a) The Company shall have no liability for circumstances beyond its control, such as war or terrorist activity, weather conditions, fire, delays, the early or late opening or closure of an event, or technical, mechanical or electrical breakdowns at an event. (b) No refund shall be made or deduction from the price permitted on account of the cancellation or postponement by third parties of sporting events, concerts, theatre performances or other recreational or entertainment activities. (c) The Company shall have no liability for any changes made by third parties to the venue, content, timing or other details of any event. (d) The Company shall have no liability for any loss of or damage to belongings of or in the custody of the Client or a member of his party. (e) The Company shall have no liability for death or personal injury or illness suffered by the Client or any member of his party, unless shown to have been caused by negligence on the part of the Company, its officers or employees. (f) The Company shall have no liability for any consequential or indirect losses suffered by the Client. (g) In making arrangements with third parties for carriage by commercial transport, hotel accommodation, restaurants or otherwise, the Company acts only as the agent of the Client, and does so on the express condition that no liability howsoever caused shall attach to the Company in connection with or arising from such arrangements.

6. LIABILITY AND CONDUCT OF THE CLIENT: The Client shall be responsible for any damage caused by any member of his party. The Company shall have the right to require any person at an event whose behavior is, in the opinion of the Company or it’s officers or employees, likely to cause inconvenience to other clients, members of their parties, or any other person, to leave on demand the site of the event. The Company shall have the right to refuse entry at any event to any person who, in the opinion of the Company or it’s officers or it’s employees, does not possess the correct entry tickets for that event, or day of an event which lasts more than one day, or is inappropriately dressed, or is under the influence of alcohol. The Client shall procure compliance with any such requirements, and no refund shall be due from the Company to the Client in connection therewith.

7. ENGLISH LAW: These Terms of Business are quoted and construed in accordance with English Law and the sole jurisdiction of the English courts. Clients shall be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms of Business when making a confirmed booking with Blue Sky Hospitality.

8. JCH TRAVEL: is operated by JCH Travel (Agency Number: M0589) Company registered in England and Wales, Company No: 6941898. Registered Office: The Chestnuts, Abingdon Road, Tubney, Abingdon, Oxon, OX13 5QQ. JCH Travel (Agency Number: M0589) We act as the Global Travel Group plc in connection with the sale of travel products. Unless specified as the operator, the Global Travel Group plc is the agent of ATOL protected Tour Operators and other principals. JCH Travel are proud to bring to you a selection of luxury holiday destinations, exciting cruise itineraries together with vibrant cities in some of the most beautiful and desirable parts of the World.

Our highly experienced team of travel specialists, each with in depth knowledge of their respective group of destinations are able to create bespoke tailor made travel itineraries to meet your exacting and flexible needs. On the other hand, if you are looking for the assurance of a ‘traditional’ package holiday, we can help you there too. All our package holidays are ATOL protected for your security and peace of mind.

We appreciate that the requirements of each and every client is different and indeed the expectations of every client is unique. Throughout your enquiry and booking, we will ensure that you have a single point of contact so that we exceed your expectations, first time and every time.

With access to some 400 big name and specialist tour operators from which to source your perfect holiday, we certainly have a much wider choice than most travel agencies. Further, we are not aligned with any particular tour operator so we provide the holiday that best suits your needs, not ours, leaving us totally impartial.

We are confident that your holiday will be a pleasurable and memorable one and we encourage you to share your experiences of your memorable trips with us and our customers.

If you do not see any holidays that meet your requirements, then please contact us and we will do our utmost to find or create your dream holiday. What we display on our site, is simply to whet your appetite but your options are really only limited by your imagination.